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Recherché Photography is one of the most sought after studios in the Boulder-Denver area for their unique signature style of wedding & portrait photography and their gorgeous custom album designs. Regina Mountjoy is the owner and primary photographer. Destination weddings have been the primary work for Regina but she has finally put down roots in the heart of adorable old-town Louisville, CO and opened a portrait studio and boutique. Please come visit!

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Boulder Family Portraits: Luke Meyers is 7 months

This was our second of four photo shoots with Luke. You may remember his 3-month portrait session back in April. He was not so sure. But today he is 7 months old- so happy to be in his mommy's lap and quite entertained by his dad's puppet! Does life really get any better??Put a naked baby on a sheepskin rug from New Zealand and all is right with the world! (A trick I picked up from Julia Vandenover!!)Sitting up is hard to do when you're tiny. A bit of a backward spill warranted a little cuddle time. I don't usually mind a few tears during a session because it affords me images like this, which are so genuine and true for this time in a baby's life. How much longer will Anji be able to hold her son like this, tucked right in, totally safe, trusting and deeply comforted? For both of them. It is such a privilege for me to capture these types of moments for my clients. Daddy love! Usually involves being tossed in the air or tipped upside down. Challenging to photograph but totally worth it!!Ahh, the ever-popular metal tub. You'd think it would be a brutal transition from the sheepskin, but babies love this thing! As do the parents! I'll have to do a series perhaps in January of all my favorite tub photos! Amazing what you can do with a little vintage fleamarket find! And right at the VERY end of our session I caught these shots. I didn't know I had them until I edited the photos! That's what I mean when I say editing is like Christmas morning for me. There's always a few total surprises! We're framing them up as a triptych because we just could not get enough of them!!


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