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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Paris, continued

As much as I love to travel, the experience can become a bit overwhelming. Think: lost luggage, delayed flights, missed flights...all the little things that could make one go off-kilter.

Luckily, Paris is so worth the wait. My photographer friends and I have been holing up in a little apartment and soaking in local color, complete with gorgeous diffused light, romantic celebrity sightings (hellooo Gerard Depardieu!), and even some close encounters with a distinctly Parisian breed of lap dog. We've trolled through markets, ran up our credit cards on antiques and original art, soaked up street fashion (mid-thigh-length dresses over tights or very tight pants, high boots, and an emphasis on chic browns, blacks, and grays), and even participated in a stylish (and chilly!) high-fashion photo shoot that resulted in a mêlée with enthralled Parisians convinced we were celebrities. No, I am not kidding. Lesson learned: classic and timeless trumps fashion and trends every time...

Here's the view from our apartment at night:
Here are two of my favorite pups at the flea market!
And just wandering...Here are a couple favorite images from the corner market that we visited every evening to stock up on essentials- primarily wine, cheese and chocolate.

More soon from the road. There's much left to discover.


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