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Recherché Photography is one of the most sought after studios in the Boulder-Denver area for their unique signature style of wedding & portrait photography and their gorgeous custom album designs. Regina Mountjoy is the owner and primary photographer. Destination weddings have been the primary work for Regina but she has finally put down roots in the heart of adorable old-town Louisville, CO and opened a portrait studio and boutique. Please come visit!

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Friday, May 9, 2008

Notes from a packed calendar...

Talk about life on the go! I have been extremely busy and life seems packed with all sorts of goodies!

Our inaugural stint at the Paris Street market was fabulous. Our booth was full the entire day of people oohing and ahhing over the images. Many were relieved to learn that not only will we be at the next market date on June 7th, but our canvases are available for purchase online. We're looking forward to the next event...and to bringing our vintage frame collection along!

The NewYou Expo was so amazing. My presentation "Lens on Life: Turning Digital Trash into Treasure" went well, garnering positive feedback and inspiring a new plan to offer editing workshops starting in June for a limited number of participants. I'll only have five participants at a time...they'll bring their laptops and digital images, which I will help them edit and improve with Photoshop. If you're interested in a resource list from the presentation, email ...we'll get it to you as soon as I am back in town.
After a year and a half of planning, it was extremely emotional and inspiring to see all the women pouring into the event, meet the amazing and strong women entrepreneurs who are so passionate about their businesses, and celebrate the makeover participants. I wish I had required that my entire family and all my close friends had attended this. I choked back the tears during the gala portion...I’ve been so close to the process that I’d almost forgotten what these ten women were up against one year ago and how far they’ve come with the help of so many in our group who volunteered their services, their time and their hearts to lift these women out of the mire, to empower them and put them back on the path of engaging life. (P.S. Can you believe that all of their shoes are from Croc's new line???

I'm writing this post sitting on the porch of a B&B in Charleston, North Carolina. Below is one of my favorite shots from an old neighborhood I walked through yesterday afternoon after we arrived.
I've had a lovely southern breakfast (here's Jay sitting at our table waiting for his strawberry pancakes!
We're getting ready to head to the Magnolia Plantation Gardens. It is at least 80 degrees, everything is green and blooming, air is thick and fragrant, birds are chattering away. More updates soon...


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