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Recherché Photography is one of the most sought after studios in the Boulder-Denver area for their unique signature style of wedding & portrait photography and their gorgeous custom album designs. Regina Mountjoy is the owner and primary photographer. Destination weddings have been the primary work for Regina but she has finally put down roots in the heart of adorable old-town Louisville, CO and opened a portrait studio and boutique. Please come visit!

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Recherche Studio-Gallery

Today I snapped some shots of the Recherche Studio now that all the Christmas magic is officially stored away until next year. I thought it would be nice for all my blog readers (who haven't been in to the studio) to see where I spend most of my time! When I'm not shooting on location, I'm tucked back in my office editing, shooting in the natural-light studio, or meeting with clients in the Viewing Room.

This shot is just as you walk in the front doors:
The first room you walk into is the Gallery. You probably all know I'm a bit of a vintage fanatic. Below is the official natural light studio. (The umbrellas are really just kind of for show- so people understand that this room is different than the Gallery.) This is where my studio portrait sessions take place, although we're often scooting furniture every which way in almost all the rooms depending on light and inspiration!

That big bright south-facing window is the backdrop for all my super grainy backlit photos! And you probably recognize the bench by now- a signature prop in my images which is actually on loan from my friend Beth Sanders. She just dropped by one day right after I opened the studio and said she had something in the back of her truck that would be perfect for my studio and my style. She couldn't have been more right...I am forever indebted!! (If anyone has furniture or other vintage props of a similar nature that you'd like to share, bring it on by...I'm sure we can work out a trade!!)

Below is the Viewing Room, where I show all my clients the results of the portrait session in a slideshow set to music on the big screen. It is my favorite part of my job.

And here is yet another side to the business: my fine art botanicals! I've piled them all into the front little room off of the Gallery. Yummy!

Back behind the red curtain (where most people think I live) is actually were most of the work gets done. I've retro-fitted the kitchen to be a work space! We took all the cupboard doors off the cabinets for easy access and pretty displays. And instead of a full-size refrigerator I opted for a mailing station! We bought the tables, slat board + accessories for pennies from a pet store going out of business the month I opened the studio. Then we tucked a mini fridge in the hall closet, which you can see in this image.If you're talking to me on my studio phone or receiving an email from me (and it's NOT from my iPhone), I'm at my desk pictured below! (Although I am a serious pacer when on the phone!!) There are 3 tables in my office all set up with computer workstations (thanks to Jay, of course). We crammed a lot into this little cottage from the 1800s! It really is my dream come true. And if you're curious about the origins of this space, check out this blog entry from 2 years ago:

Keep in mind that I love to share my studio with other wedding professionals (or otherwise) who are in need of a professional but artistic place to conduct consultations/meetings! Less expensive than renting/buying your own space, classier than a coffee shop, more professional than your home, super accessible location, amenities for serving coffee, tea, etc. It is perfect for makeup artists (lots of natural light), event planners, graphic designer, artists, networking groups, etc. If this appeals to you let me know and if you think of anyone that is in need of such a space pass this along! We like lots of warm, artsy and romantic energy around here!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You do such a great job with your blog and your promotions. Your studio is the most divine, dreamy place imaginable. It's hard to imagine that you ever feel like you're at work in such beautiful surroundings. You're amazing!

February 14, 2009 at 12:43 PM  

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